The UBW Choreographic Center is a ten-year initiative and investment in the development of women choreographers of the African Diaspora, whose voices are not as prominent in the national arts ecology as they should be.

The UBW Choreographic Center is an extension of the UBW mission and will be rooted in UBW core values.  It will take a two-pronged approach – supporting the individual choreographer and bringing about systemic change in the field of dance.

UBW has identified several areas where the organization is best equipped to intervene over the next 10-15 years to improve the working conditions of women choreographers of color which include:

• Peer and mentor based reflection and learning communities
• Research and development residencies to advance the creation of new work
• Advocacy and influence to enhance exposure and connection to the field
• Contextual support
• Curriculum development for experimental choreography rooted in identity, culture and issue/social justice based origins
• Platforms for dialogue, reflection and presentation

The UBW Choreographic Center is not a physical space but will be activated through strategic alliances with individuals and institutions across the U.S.

The focus of Phase One Programming of the Center is to provide direct support to three distinct Cohorts of artists and engage institutional partners to lay the foundation for future support for these artists and the vision of the Center. Through the Center programming, UBW will provide choreographers with opportunities for funding, training, convening, networking, mentoring, critical reflection and collaboration.

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